My 2014 Vision Quest

Getting started isn’t always easy, so I’ll first state my 2014 goal, which started about six weeks ago at this point:

I will open an Etsy shop, and maybe actually sell something that I make. I’m hesitant because I’m not sure if embroidered portraits of Burt Reynolds are really that lucrative. Unfortunately, that’s what I’m good at, and it’s what I like to stitch.

That’s it. I’ve said it, and now I’ve got some work to do. This is the year I make my mark, I wrestle Shute, and I kick ass.



  1. I would buy an embroidered portrait of Burt Reynolds. Or Nicolas Cage. Definitely Nicolas Cage.
    I am in love with this project.
    And if we are going to post awesome “YOU CAN DO IT!” songs:

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