Hall and Oates

hall&oatesIn recent months, I have had friendly arguments with a Facebook friend who shall remain nameless (Ross Bittner) regarding the brilliance of Hall and Oates. While the banter began as flippant on my part, along the way I turned a corner into a full-fledged fangirl. Yes, I love Hall and Oates.

I understand where the haters are coming from. With such silliness as “Man Eater”, it’s hard to take them seriously as artists. My only rebuttal is that not everything has to be profound. So,  here’s to kitsch, nostalgia, Oates’ awesome mustache, and soft rock. Let’s leave the pseudo-deep bullshit to Dave Matthews.

Bonus links you will want to thank me for:

The best Hall and Oates song – When the Morning Comes

Yacht Rock – be sure to watch Episode 2



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