Guns N’ Roses

Picture 108Stitching up Slash was rather fun. All of that hair and no face – he really knew how to strike a pose. This project also reminded me of how pretty Axl used to be. Have you seen him lately? He is a goddamn train wreck. A bloated, angry, ginger train wreck.

I was recently asked if I thought rock and roll is dead. I answered yes, quickly and instinctively, which led to more questions I wasn’t prepared to answer. What is rock and roll? Were Guns n’ Roses rock and roll? I wanted to say no, they were not, because rock was already dead by the time G n’ R rolled around. However, it was pointed out to me that if they were not rock and roll, nobody told them it was over. They were not in on the joke or aware of being a cliche. I have to say there is truth to that argument. And because of that, I say God bless them for going balls-out. Rock and roll forever!

I also discovered I had a vital lyric wrong all these years. I thought Axl was screaming “you’re my serpentine” in “Welcome to the Jungle”. The actual lyric is “feel my serpentine”. What I thought was a romantic tribute to his slithering and graceful girlfriend was really a penis reference. Clearly, I’m too innocent and naive for rock and roll.


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