Goonies Never Say Die

Picture 105As I stitched Chunk’s mole, I thought of Sara Jessica Parker. Did she have her face mole removed? If so, that’s total bullshit. Sloth, on the other hand, was a roller coaster of amusement to stitch. From his lightning bolt eyebrows to his four random teeth, he came together like a dream.

I don’t have much to say about “Goonies”. It’s not a movie I watch repeatedly, even though I do own it on VHS. As silly as it sounds, it might be more of a guy flick – a group of boys going on the ultimate treasure hunt ending with a sprouting bro-mance between Chunk and Sloth. It contains all of the necessary elements to evoke nostalgia, not to mention a most annoying performance by the more successful of the two Coreys (Feldman). RIP, Haim, even though you were kind of an idiot.

PS – There is a band called Goonies Never Say Die based in Blackpool, UK. I just checked out one of their songs, I Love You But in the End I Will Destroy You, and it’s amazing soaring instrumental highs and lows that puts Air Supply to shame. I’m going to contact them to see if they need anything stitched. I love to support cleverness.



  1. Because I’m closed minded, I won’t listen to Goonies Never Say Die, but because I’ve got two ears and a heart, I can’t imagine any music maker putting the highs and lows of Air Supply to shame.

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