Lionel Richie

Picture 117Hello.

(Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

I’ve really got to seek out more subjects sporting chest hair. It’s more fun to stitch than a mustache, and that’s saying quite a bit.

Now that Lionel Richie has gone country, I can’t say I have much interest in him. I’m not anti-country music. I am anti-new country music (referred to by some as “Walmart Country”). I really love the stuff he did with the Commodores. He also penned Kenny Rogers’ “Lady”, which is a personal favorite.

[ Tangent:Β  I’m such a sucker for Kenny Rogers, despite his monumentally poor decisions regarding plastic surgery. I’d like to ask Kenny if he was such a Pussy Magnet that he had to get a face lift to maintain his lifestyle of wooing women with his wrinkle-free forehead. In any case, I hope it was worth it, because he is unrecognizable after that butcher job.]

As a known appreciator of Hall and Oates, a friend (Ben Anton, I salute you) referred me to Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers, who have a series of soft rock covers on YouTube. I won’t list all of the songs here, but I will note that all of the videos are shot inside a van, and every single one is fantastic. As Ben noted, their version of the Commodores’ “Easy” is to die for.





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