Twin Peaks – Dwarf and Giant

TPmidgetgiantStitching The Man From Another Place, aka The Arm, aka The Dwarf, was difficult. You see, I am scared of him, and midgets generally, thanks to a recurring nightmare I’ve had since I was a youngster. In my nightmare, I am chased relentlessly by two-headed Siamese twin midgets wearing fuzzy blue sweaters. They eventually catch me and it ends in a way that is similar to Tennessee Williams’ Suddenly, Last Summer. Those goddamn midgets pinch and pick me apart until I’m a bloody heap of carnage gasping for my last breath. I haven’t had this nightmare for several years, but I’m always reminded of it when I watch Twin Peaks, and in the back of my mind I worry of a recurrence. Why do I put myself through this? Sometimes I wonder, until I hear the opening notes of the Twin Peaks theme and it all rushes back to me. Twin Peaks is an experience within itself. It is so exceptionally gripping, I find that I have to watch the series in its entirety at least once a year. Hence, not to stitch The Man From Another Place would be a disservice to myself and Twin Peaks fans everywhere.

And what about The Giant? Admittedly, he pales in comparison to his counterpart. Still, they seem like a natural duo given their opposing statures and auras. Although they are both surreal and almost fantastical, The Man From Another Place embodies a sense of mischief while The Giant evokes serenity and reason. I like to imagine them being friends, playing gin and drinking sherry in a back room of the Black Lodge, red velvet drapes hanging heavily with ease as a backdrop to their mutual affection.



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