Archie Bunker


Archie Bunker was an asshole. He was bigoted, close minded, arrogant, ignorant and misogynistic, just to name a few of his characteristics depicted in All in the Family.

However, All in the Family was a pioneer in addressing taboo issues, and for that, even Archie himself should be applauded. Still, I prefer to applaud Bea Arthur for her work in Maude, and for being an all-around general bad ass. While Archie Bunker’s character was necessary to facilitate controversy, Maude attacked it head-on and didn’t require a scapegoat.

Tonight, I’ll tip a glass to Archie, and I’ll tip two to Bea Arthur. I wish I had half of her moxie.



  1. I love the character Archie Bunker, but not for the reasons people might think. I loved him because he had his soft side where he’d show it with Stephanie on his lap. He had his funny side where he’d show it with meathead, “Do you put a sock and a shoe, a sock and a shoe on or a sock and a sock, and a shoe and a shoe on?” His gentle side is what reminds me of my own dad. Wow, now I’m getting sentimental. I like him when he calls Mike meathead! 😉

    1. I agree he had a soft side, which could be quite endearing. Still, from my point of view, it seems contrived at times. Overall, Archie is human, and maybe that is more important than the culmination of his negative traits. Maybe his character rings a bit too true, making me uncomfortable, because it’s not all warm fuzzies when you are talking about an Archie Bunker character in reality.

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