Pee-Wee Herman

Pee Wee Herman

It was difficult to choose which Pee-Wee Herman pose to stitch. In the end, I’m glad I went with this one, because it never fails to make me laugh.

My first introduction to Pee-Wee was in his movie Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. I didn’t have much interest in it when it was released in 1985. I saw it later, on VHS or cable, when my older sister recommended it to me. To establish a time reference, I was in high school, maybe a freshman, and she was probably a senior. I can remember her telling me it was great, hilarious, with one “terrifying” scene. She actually said to me, “Heather, you better cover your eyes during the Large Marge scene!”.

God bless her. She was trying to look out for me – my older sister, who is still afraid of the dark, who refuses to go in the basement of her own house, who was apparently freaked the hell out by Large Marge’s clay-mation googly eyes. Luckily, I made it through the scene unscathed, yet I have a feeling it still haunts my sister from time to time.

Despite those fond memories, my preferred forum for Pee-Wee is his television show, Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. With a stellar supporting cast, not-so-subtle innuendos, and incredible shorts and cartoons, every episode is brilliant. Although I caught a few of the shows as a kid at the time they aired (between 1986 and 1990), I saw the series in its entirety as an adult. I can see the appeal of this show to youngsters, but Paul Reubens has a way of layering everything, to reach every type of viewer.

I’ll likely have to stitch more versions of Pee-Wee just to amuse myself. Or, if I want to freak out my sister, maybe I should stitch Large Marge.



  1. Holy Crap I loved Pee-Wee SO much! I remember when the show was canceled because of his blown-out-of-proportion indiscretion, I was so sad. I remember thinking “who cares what he does when he’s not at the playhouse?!”

  2. Loved Pee-Wee! And for some weird reason when I think of Pee-Wee I also think of Hey Vern and Ernest. IDK why but the two go together in my brain.

    1. I think the Vern stuff exploded around the same time as Pee-Wee, mid/late 80s. I just googled the shit out of Vern, and Jim Varney died! Over a decade ago! How did I miss that….??

      1. What?! I did not know that either. Really makes one feel old when their childhood TV peeps start dying off. 😦

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