Three’s Company

3s Company

I don’t even like “Three’s Company”. I find the hijinks and slapstick fun, but I could do without the gross misunderstanding in each episode, followed by a formulaic resolution. It’s irritating, to say the least. However, I love John Ritter. LOVE HIM. His unexpected death rather devastated me, to a degree that it is one of those moments I’ll likely always remember.

Despite the annoyances of of the show, “Three’s Company” was cutting edge, sort of. It could have been so much more, but it held itself back. Jack only pretended to be gay, because being gay would be too far out there. And he pretended to be gay because a heterosexual man living with two women was too far out there. Was it enough to introduce a fake alternative lifestyle into a sitcom? Probably not, especially given the tendency for characters to mock Jack’s false homosexuality – but it was ok because he wasn’t really gay. Right? Wrong. Regardless, it’s difficult to find fault with the characters in this show, as they are all so damn likable.

(**Sidenote**  I also like to think that John Ritter more than made up for the backwardness of his character on “Three’s Company” in his absolutely stellar performance in Sling Blade. The subtlety and nuance he portrayed in the character of Vaughn was truly moving.)

If I don’t like the show, why did I stitch this montage? I’m not entirely sure. It started with Don Knotts, and I really, really wanted to stitch Mrs. Roper’s hair. This was the beginning of my stitched portrait journey, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. Based on the shitty photo, I estimate that I completed this project three or four years ago. For at least two years, it remained in my hallway closet because what does one do with a sitcom montage? Currently it hangs on my office wall. It makes me laugh, especially when random people ask, “Why do you have the cast of Three’s Company on your wall?”. Why not, asshole? Because it’s funny. Now here’s a dime – go buy yourself a sense of humor.

It could only be funnier if I had stitched Joyce DeWitt’s mugshot (Janet) instead of her portrait. Man, she went nuts with the plastic surgery. Luckily, even in her portrait, you can tell she is completely insane, probably taking multiple bathroom breaks between scenes to snort coke off of the toilet lid.



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