Welcom Back Kotter

Welcome Back Kotter“Welcome Back Kotter” is a show that I remember being better than it actually is; kind of like “Fat Albert” and “Fraggle Rock”.

If you can believe it, I was too young to catch this when it originally aired. I saw it in re-runs on Nick at Nite in the mid 90s, back when I still had cable television and could stay awake until midnight. Hence, my memory of the show is not from my youth, as with “The Love Boat” and “CHIPS”, both of which I still love today. It is from a not-so-great time in my life that cannot mask “Kotter” with nostalgia and sentimentality. When I watch this show today, it’s funny, it’s silly, it’s got kitsch value and a fantastic theme song. But Gabe Kaplan’s humor becomes quickly annoying to the point that even Travolta’s chin dimple cannot make me continue watching.

If I’m not crazy about the show anymore, why the hell did I stitch Barbarino and Kotter? Because of Travolta’s chin dimple.



  1. You stitched Barbarino and Kotter because the school at which it is supposed to take place was my father’s alma mater.

  2. LOL. I haven’t watched Fraggle Rock as an adult–should I not? I don’t want to sully my childhood fondness of it. Ha! I never watched Welcome Back, Kotter, but I came to love Get Smart through Nick at Nite.

  3. I watched Welcome Back Kotter when I was very young, and I liked it. The humor was good for a 5-9 year old. I just happened to catch an episode recently and I can’t believe I liked it! Most of the characters were annoying – especially Horseshack. And Gabe Kaplan was trying to hard to be Charlie Chaplin.

    Epstein’s Mother

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