Mr. T

Mr T

When I saw this doily, I knew I had to do something absurd with it. Mr T was the most absurd thing I could think of. I really loved him as a kid – the Mr. T cartoon (gymnasts fighting crime!), “Rocky III”, “The A Team”, and even the dreadful “DC Cab” were in heavy rotation on my television well into my 20s. I suppose I still love him as an adult, but now I see him more as an example of successful marketing and a powerful tagline rather than a hero. I also have to admit the born-again thing is somewhat creepy. It’s not creepy in a Kirk Cameron sort of way, but still weird enough for me to forget my sentimental attachment.

I will end with the aforementioned tagline and say, I pity the fool who doesn’t love this absurd Mr. T doily.



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