My First Show – Thread and Ink

I did it, and I feel good about myself. On Sunday, I participated in my first show – the Thread and Ink pop up show and sale, organized by Natalie Bass, a Madison local celebrity and owner of Zip-Dang and Orangy Porangy. I tried not to be too much of a fangirl, but it was hard because I LOVE her shop.

Things I learned:

1. In this particular case, being without a smart phone (and therefore, not being able to accept credit cards) was not a big deal. I worried and fretted over this, and it was not an issue.

2. The only thing that could have made it better is booze. However, in all fairness, the show was on a Sunday from 10 to 5. I’m just not used to working without a glass of cheap wine in my hand, so my live-action embroidery of Sloth (pictured above – with just enough of my cleavage to entice you) is probably not quite right.

3. I need to buy a folding table. Natalie was nice enough to let me borrow one of hers this time. I just don’t know how all of those people do it – the ones who travel the indie craft fair circuit with their tents, tables, displays, inventory, banners, etc. It’s overwhelming. And scary. And bat shit crazy.

Now, in an attempt to market myself – Follow me on Facebook and Etsy. Like. Share. Re-blog. Whatever. I’m stuck at 69 Facebook fans and it makes me feel dirty.



      1. You could make them with yarn on canvas. I’ll send you jpegs so you can resize if you want. Send me an email to stitchboombang@gmail and I’ll respond with the attachments. Very excited to see your versions!

  1. Yes! McCoy came out so angry in stitches – it was hilarious. The Cosby thing was great – people’s reactions were WTF, to fascination, to love. Thanks for your positivity. It was really hard for me to get out there and show my stuff. Esp. without booze.

  2. Well done you, it all sounds too fantastic. I am loving all your stuff but am not down with the kids enough to own any of your current creations, even though each new one puts a smile on my face. I am going to email you with a couple of very British requests…….

    1. Whaa?! Where the heck you been? You haven’t posted in ages! Alas, the summer is over. Are you around this weekend? Want to stitch/drink? Stop. Hammertime. I should put this in an email. I will email you.

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