The Shining hat series: Room 237’s bathroom

For the second installment of The Shining series, I bring you: the mint and mustard mod bathroom in Room 237. This is where the young hottie gets out of the tub, makes out with Jack, then turns into a decrepit zombie. In my opinion, Jack did not react dramatically enough. I mean, look at her. I cropped out her ass, but even so, her back flesh is gangrenous and his hand is right there groping it! Backing up and staggering out of the room just doesn’t seem like an appropriate response. He didn’t even curse or spit out the remnants of her rotting saliva. Gag.

237 bathroom



  1. This is such an excellent concept, I’ve always wanted to do something like this but never got around to it. I really love the hats you’ve made so far and I can’t wait to see the next one in the series!

    1. I think I find great comfort in serial projects – there is a natural progression and I can look many steps ahead without getting overwhelmed. The Shining has been fun, then it’s back to Cosby!

      1. Thank you! I’ve always wanted to do Twin Peaks knits collection but it just hasn’t materialized yet. I really want a dark green Audrey Horne sweater. I created color schemes of a bunch of characters once with crayons…I wonder where that paper might be?? Maybe I was a little tipsy.

      2. Audrey wears some knock-out sweaters. I love the one with the lace inset when she’s in the toilet with Donna. And the cardigan with tree branches on it. Sweaters are such a commitment though! By the way, most of my best work is accomplished when I’m tipsy.

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