Bigfoot Hat


Is it a bigfoot, or is it a yeti? I called it a yeti and was schooled by my hat model, who claims that a yeti is snowbound and white while a bigfoot is a warmer-climate beast. My argument is that the silhouette is the same, but for the sake of all that is right in the world, let’s call it a bigfoot.

I received a special request from a friend for this particular hat, worn by Lorelai in an episode of Gilmore Girls. I like to be up to speed on all pop culture references, especially regarding knitwear, but I’ve never seen the show. When I mentioned that I should give it a whirl, she said I’d probably feel the same way as her husband, “annoyed by the dialogue”. Based on that comment, I quickly nixed the idea of watching it. Are there any fans out there? If so, please tell me if I’m missing anything.

Despite the show itself, isn’t this a fantastic hat? I was fully prepared to create a pattern based on the episode screenshot, but after some hunting, I found another knitter who already created a chart and posted it to her blog (for free!). She also sells finished bigfoot hats in her Etsy shop. Just for the record, my friend will reimburse me for the yarn, but that’s it. Only an asshole would use someone’s free pattern, then sell the finished piece. I’m not an asshole.

Links – 

Bigfoot Hat Chart by Woolly Rhino Crafts

Woolly Rhino Crafts on Etsy




  1. This is super cool. I love modern colour work that still has a bit of classic flavour. Guess I’ll add this to the pile of things I want to make!

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