Thurston and Lovey

DSC01043Watching Gilligan’s Island always annoyed me because Gilligan was such a bumbling idiot. He ruined everything, all the time, and Skipper was a complete fascist. The one redeeming quality in the show, for me, was Thurston and Lovey.

Lovey with her pearls and giant wicker hats, and Thurston with his silk cravats and golf references, were far funnier than Gillian’s stumbling slapstick nonsense. In fact, seeing the Howells in embroidered bliss makes me want to crack open the bubbly and forget that I have a care in the world. I might even want to crawl into a hammock, but I don’t trust those contraptions in the least.

Bonus link: The Official Gilligan’s Island Fan Club! If you can stand all of the Comic Sans,  you can click on a coconut icon to hear the theme song. You can purchase a replica Gilligan shirt. You can email Gilligan’s Island experts. It is some crazy ass shit, I’m telling you.


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