Wiener Dog Art

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My first dive into color work starts with a wiener dog portrait, and all I can say is LOOK AT THAT PAW. It is perfection.

Unbeknownst to the recipient of this piece, the rest of it is muddled with mistakes. Most notably, the fabric is puckered in a couple of spots, and the color changes are less than subtle. I also think the whole thing is a bit too dark. With all of that said, I learned volumes stitching this sweet Dachshund. I might even be able to tackle the overwhelming task of stitching my own pup, which up to this point has crippled me with fear. I’d like to think she is rather pissed at me for not stitching her first, but in truth, she just wants treats and bones and walks and naps and belly rubs.

Although this was officially a commissioned piece, I’m giving it to the guy who requested it (an old high school chum) because of the aforementioned mistakes. Besides, it feels dirty to take money from him when he shamelessly gushes over this little dog. It’s funny and endearing, which contrasts nicely with my memories of him back in 1992, rocking out to heavy metal and dissecting a fetal pig in Advanced Bio. Jesus, high school is a battlefield. I don’t know how anyone survives.

Instead of payment, he is going to make a donation to AHeinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport in DeSoto, Iowa. I adopted my girl from Bangor Humane Society, back when I lived in Maine, and such places hold the softest spot in my icy cold heart. A local organization here in Madison that I follow closely is the Underdog Pet Rescue. I get my daily cute overload from them on Facebook, then weep over my inability to adopt all of the animals everywhere in the world. Giving these places money is a cheap substitute, but I’ll gladly do it because people are the worst and pets make us happy for a tiny blip in the span of the universe.

Now go give your pet a hug and a treat. Right now.



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