Chicago Knits Magazine

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I forgot to tell you I had a hat pattern published. I didn’t “forget”, really. I just wasn’t sure what I could legally post since it is a print-only publication and there is nothing to link to online. Am I going to get sued for this post? I’m a risk taker, so let’s find out!

The Winter 2015 issue of Chicago Knits Magazine features patterns inspired by art deco style and architecture. I combined both elements and submitted a hat pattern inspired by the stained glass designs of Frank Lloyd Wright. I’m not from Wisconsin, I just live here, so I’m not actually keeping it real and representing. However, I do find Frank Lloyd Wright, the man and his work, to be fascinating.

002 - Copy

Stained Glass Hat – Model: Brenda Maben, Photo Credit: Chicago Knits Magazine


I learned a lot from my first magazine submission; mostly that if I can get published, anyone can. I don’t mean that in a self-deprecating way. I mean it in an encouraging, go get ’em, sort of way. If you have a pattern idea, you should submit it, submit it, and submit it again. Of course there are plenty of platforms to sell your own patterns direct, but there is something special about being part of a collection and seeing your nonsense in print. I tell you, I felt famous for at least a week or two.

If I could just figure out Twitter, I could take over the world.


You can buy current and back issues of Chicago Knits Magazine HERE.



  1. Fantastic news! How exciting! And really cool design! As for Twitter – do it, it’s probably the easiest platform of them all, though it does encourage you to run off loads of nonsense on a whim as you have less time to think about what your saying!

    1. I tried it for about a week, a year ago. It didn’t go well. I just don’t understand what I’m supposed to post. Linking directly to my blog or facebook seems pointless…?

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