The Greatest American Hero

Greatest American Hero

The Greatest American Hero was only on for three seasons, thankfully, because it was truly an awful show, even by 80s standards. The main character, Ralph, is a teacher who is made into a superhero by aliens. That’s an acceptable premise, but Ralph loses his instruction manual for being a superhero (what?), and he is a bumbling idiot throughout.

Why did I watch it?  I watched it because of the stellar theme song (Believe it or not, I’m walking on air), and as a youngster, I relished in seeing a grown man with a blond afro on my television screen. You see… I had a blond afro. In fact, at that time, I was just really growing into my afro, and it gave me hope that I could be somebody. Please see the slideshow below for visual reference.

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Isn’t that hilarious? By 5th grade you can see that I was already incredibly angry about my blond afro. That’s not even a perm, people! It is shocking how many times I should have died from embarrassment in my life. But don’t laugh too hard. I’m pretty sure that somewhere out there, someone is mortified by something you have said or done. It’s up to you whether you waste time giving a fuck. Excuse me while I fly away on a wing and a prayer.



  1. I loved this show so much!! Pretty sure it’s impossible to sit through an entire episode now 🙂 LOL! I definitely recall running through the house singing (more like screaming!) the theme song. I don’t know how my parents endured it!

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