Flight of the Conchords


Normally I would consider a show that aired in 2007 to be “too modern” to include in my stitched portfolio, which is a tell tale sign of my age (old) and my cultural stagnation (80s). However, mark this day, as I’m making an exception for Flight of the Conchords, and this is why:

There is a very small window in a person’s life when music has the ability to hit a spot so personal that it hurts. As an adult, I find myself constantly chasing that feeling, and while I find bands and songs regularly that are meaningful, I never quite get back to the feeling of importance that Skid Row’s Youth Gone Wild had when I was a teen. Flight of the Conchords is a silly show and a silly little reminder of the role music has had in my life.

While I’m almost certain I would not enjoy FOTC in concert, the show is charming, endearing, and lightheartedly funny in a way that is becoming more and more rare. Maybe that is why I hold onto it for dear life despite sometimes feeling it’s much too current for an old curmudgeon like me.



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