St. Patrick’s Day Fail

I had a great idea to stitch an Irish series for St. Patrick’s Day. It would include my favorite Irish person, Shane MacGowan of The Pogues; my least favorite Irish Person, Bono; and the craziest Irish Person, Sinead O’Connor.


Then I realized:

1. No one knows who Shane MacGowan is, despite how fun it would be to stitch his snaggle teeth.

2. Bono is too much of an asshole. It would make me angry to stitch him, even though I chose his 80s persona with the big-haired mullet and bolo tie.

3. My drawing of Sinead O’Connor looked like a giant-eyed, big-headed, bald baby.

Hence, there is nothing special to post for St. Patrick’s Day. Sorry about that. We will all just have to drink some whiskey instead.



  1. Hahaha! People here in Ireland would recognise Shane McGowan instantly, especially if you really knock yourself out adding every line and wrinkle of his crazy face. And yeah, we all hate Bono too. Happy belated Paddy’s day!

    1. This makes me feel so legit! Thanks for validating me. There are so many great images of Shane – with and without teeth – I might do a whole character study on him.

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