Kurt and Courtney

Kurt and Courtney

When the news of Kurt Cobain’s suicide hit, I immediately thought that Courtney killed him. In this embroidery, I wanted to make her look appropriately strung out; however, she looks kind of nuts instead. If only I could smear some lipstick on her face and streak some mascara down her cheeks, her look would be complete.

I have conflicting feelings about Nirvana, now that I’m old. Were they groundbreaking? Were they sell-outs? Did they change music, or did they ruin it?  So many unanswerable questions. I can only say that Nirvana does hold a special place in my heart, if only because the early 90s were a time of musical discovery for me that will likely never be matched. So when I see the teenage douche wearing his ironic Nirvana t-shirt, I shrug and walk away knowing that I genuinely rocked out to some grunge back in the day.

I should also note that I am fascinated by Frances Bean. I was not aware of this until someone pointed out my incredible catalog of Frances Bean factoids that I spew forth like confetti. It’s not quite an obsession, but I am considering dedicating myself to it fully.



  1. Most teenage douches are not being ironic while wearing their Nirvana shirt. They are wearing them the same way we wore Doors shirts back in the day. To most teenage douches, Nirvana is the equivalent of the way we saw the Doors or Pink Floyd, for better or worse.

    1. Point taken. However, I was referring to the very specific teenage douche I encountered on the bike path a couple of years ago – he was the one who called his own Nirvana shirt ironic. Wait. Was that a Nirvana shirt?

  2. I died a little inside two years ago when there were Nirvana t-shirts for sale in the Juniors dept. at Macy’s.

    And now my obligatory: WHY KURT? WHYYYYYY?

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