May the 4th be with you…

May the 4th is a fake holiday I can get behind because I am not required to buy any bullshit Hallmark card, and I can celebrate Star Wars. Let the celebration commence!


I didn’t quite have time to finish Jabba the Hutt, but it’s ok. He doesn’t mind because his nostrils look like sperm, his mouth looks like a mustache, and stitching those little plankton on his belly made me want to eat some donuts.Overall, a fun-filled project that I can finish up tonight. By the way, this is a tablecloth. It’s difficult to get the scale in this photo. Jabba probably measures about 3 feet long.


And because I can never find matching sets of thrift linens (except for the magical Star Wars set), I paired Jabba with some other nasty villains from Return of the Jedi on these napkins. 

Action shot! Potsie is full of vodka and soda, and he particularly likes the Darth napkin…

DSC01279 - Copy

Enjoy this “holiday”, everyone! It’s not every day that nerds are celebrated to this extent. Make it a good one.



      1. This just does not surprise me at all. Though now I am thinking of Lionel Richie, circa the video for “Hello” in stitching (both the actual Lionel Richie and the weird sculpted head of Lionel Richie).

        And now I went and looked at the post on that, which is awesome. (The unexpected Hall & Oates reference only added to my experience of that post).

  1. Your Jabba looks great! In no way do his nostrils resemble semen. Is he a table cloth to go with the napkins? Or a pillowcase?

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