Dolly Parton

Sometimes I receive a custom order on Etsy, and I get pissed because I didn’t think of it first. A few weeks ago someone requested a Dolly Parton tea towel, and as usual, I got completely carried away and created an entire retrospective. Luckily, this led to the requester ordering more stuff, but that’s not really the point. The point is she thought of something awesome before I did.

Anyway, the Dolly tea towel turned into a set of Dolly napkins. This is one of those projects that fell into place so easily that it worried me. I was quickly mesmerized by Dolly’s huge rack, and I just happened to have the perfect blue and white flowery vintage napkins. See? Kismet.

Dolly napkins

Don’t these lovelies make you want to slap your knee and give a big “yee haw, y’all”? Well, they are long gone, shipped off to the east coast to a woman I don’t know but I’ll always slightly resent. To stitch out my anger, much in the same way Ren dances out his anger in Footloose, I immediately made another Dolly set, this time on some vintage placemats.

Dolly placematsNow. Don’t we all feel better?

PS. Rhinestone, my favorite Dolly Parton film, is so bad I can only allow myself to watch it once a year. However, if you haven’t seen it, I suggest you do. Sylvester Stallone is also in it. They sing together. It’s a country music train wreck. You’ll love it.



  1. Dolly does have a rack that merits celebration in multiple media. I’ll add Rhinestone to my watch list. (Though I have a special place in my heart for Nine to Five which form my expectations for the working world along with scenes from Big).

  2. Nine to Five is my personal favorite (though I have seen Rhinestone & subsequently repressed it). I would agree, Ms. Parton has quite the rack. Brava on your homage, if you will.

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