The Breakfast Club

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The Breakfast Club, or as I would call it, The Spoiled Brat Club.

I loved this movie when I was a teenager. However, please note, I did not understand that Sherman High was a suburban reality. Honestly, I thought these silly kids were portraying a whiny, ridiculous, group who just couldn’t seem to get over themselves.

In retrospect, maybe I was right?

Even so, as a Gen X-er, I related to The Breakfast Club. I wanted to break away from my parents. I wanted to be something different than the prescribed stereotype. But my high school didn’t have Saturday detention. My high school didn’t have any criminals, or anyone who ate sushi for lunch, or anyone who taped anyone’s nuts together.

Does this make me a loser? Maybe. But now I’m a grown up, and I really don’t give a damn.



  1. I never understood all the Breakfast Club love. They all seemed far more popular than me, so I didn’t know what they were all upset about (because obviously, the popular kids had life very easy, or did to someone who spent high school in her books).

    1. I just thought they were a bunch of asswipes, which is why, as a small town girl, I didn’t understand there were real suburbanite teens out there just like them. However, I totally would have gone for Bender if he went to my high school.

      1. I think it was very much like my high school. Only, none of the people in the movie would have ever talked to me. Even the unpopular ones. Plus, Saturday was the day I had debate. So obviously, I couldn’t have gone to detention.

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