Only Losers Use Kleenex

Many eons ago, when my hat model and I were courting, I made him some monogrammed handkerchiefs to win his heart. Little did I know how much use they’d get, given how he has a clogged nose on a normal day, let alone during the hell of allergy season. At the time, he was a UPS driver, and the hankies came to good use, especially on rainy days when his glasses needed cleaning.

Through the years, he has become a high school teacher, and this fall he embarks at a new school teaching English, Acting, and Stagecraft. Sometimes I am amazed by how far he’s come – when I met him he would not have said “fire” if his ass was aflame, yet now he is teaching teenagers, and an acting class to boot. This calls for a fresh set of handkerchiefs, and anything else he wants, because teenagers are the worst and he somehow handles everything with grace.


Now that I look at the photo, they don’t seem like much. Still, I get a tiny thrill when I see one of these hankies hanging out of his back pocket, Bruce Springsteen style.



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