The Shining. Again.


It might sound strange, but I find The Shining to be an incredibly comforting movie. Maybe I just want to land such a cooshy gig as being the caretaker of a swank hotel in the mountains during off-season. I only know that when I feel wound up, it helps to crawl under a blanket and watch The Shining.

A couple years ago I knitted up a hat series based on this film. In retrospect, I could have made a few dozen hats inspired by the visuals in the Overlook Hotel. Since I tend to enjoy embroidery over knitting these days, I jumped back into it with my needle and an old doily. While many would argue that Jack Nicholson sneering “Here’s Johnny…” through the chopped up door is the most iconic image, I find Shelley Duvall to be much more interesting. In fact, I love this movie in spite of Jack rather than because of him.

I predict I’ll be stitching more scenes from The Shining, even if they don’t prove to be lucrative. A girl’s gotta get her laughs wherever she can, after all. I will try to include characters other than Wendy, although I can’t make any promises.





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