Although I sketched Lemmy ages ago, I didn’t stitch him until recently. Perhaps his death a few months ago made me feel a bit sentimental about this old, ugly rocker. Perhaps I wanted to stitch those warts and friendly mutton chops. Or, more likely, I was looking for an excuse to buy a bottle of Rokker Vodka for the photo.

Regardless, here he is: Lemmy Kilmister, Motorhead front man, in all of his unapologetic foulness. In the end, I can’t feel too badly about his demise. For someone who drank a bottle of JD and took speed every day, I’d say 70 years is a hell of a long life. In fact, he represents the new mantra of rock and roll – Live Fast, Die Old.



  1. At last! Lemmy rendered in glorious stitchery! I was actually gutted when I heard he had died. I think I’d come to believe that he was indestructible and would outlive us all.

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