More Free Stuff

I recently did a Facebook give-away, so I thought I’d do a blog version as well. I just hit 150 followers this week, so why the hell not? Let’s celebrate. Give me a like or a comment or a reblog or something on this post so that I know you are out there. In a week I’ll draw a name and give away this nifty beanie. It’s pac man. It’s earth tones. You’ll love it.

pac man beanie

Ms. Pac Man

Ms Pac ManThis might be one of the best things I’ve ever knitted. As for Ms Pac-man herself, I’m not sure that I buy into her being a feminist icon. She likely made video games more appealing to girls, but is one game out of hundreds really enough? I don’t think so. While I appreciate that she can wear a bow and lipstick while still kicking ass and getting shit done, I say fuck everyone and I’m going to play Space Invaders if I feel like it. Furthermore, I will kick anyone in the shins who gets in my way, and I’ll wear a dress while I do it.

Goodwill Towards Nerds

About a year ago, I started making hats to use up my yarn stash. I Picture 011didn’t want to buy any new yarn until I used up all of my scraps, and that can be one hell of a motivator for someone who loves to indulge in new knitting supplies whenever possible.

Before I knew it, I had hats coming out of my ass. I gave them to friends, relatives, and homeless people. Still, hats were everywhere, so I began a project of appreciation and sent Pacman and Space Invaders hats to people across the country who owned retro arcades, starting with my own local establishment, Rossi’s Vintage Arcade and Pizzeria. Offhand, this did not include “barcades”. I have nothing against barcades, but I think the Picture 009sentiment behind them is different (drinking versus gaming).¬†Although I enjoy both of those activities regularly, this was more about recognizing the people who maintain the actual games – a dying institution that is likely not very lucrative in this day and age. There does seem to be somewhat of a resurgence of local arcades, as anything “retro” has become cool. I’m all for it, if it means I can play Atari and pinball until my eyes cross.

My project seemed to be a success. Every once in a while when I’m out and about, I’ll catch a glimpse of one of my hats and I can’t help but smile. Apparently, nerds want to be loved and appreciated, too.