Arrested Development

Liza Minnelli


This was my first use of paint with my stitching, because I couldn’t stand the idea of stitching in all of her hair. Next time, I’ll thin the paint a bit with water, but it was much easier for filling in a large space.

And could Liza be more dramatic and fabulous? Honestly, I found her quite ridiculous until her role in Arrested Development, which still floors me. She can laugh at herself, which makes her dramatic, fabulous, and hilarious. She’s not so tragic, so pathetic, now that I’ve seen her as “Lucille 2”, playing poker with the boys and staggering with vertigo.

Still, that’s not to take anything away from her beauty. Those shots that Andy Warhol took of her are truly breathtaking. Her look  will always be iconic, and yes, I suppose she’ll always seem a bit ridiculous. But should she be shunned from a selfie taken by the cool kids at the Oscars? Ellen DeGeneres be damned. RESPECT, Liza. Respect.

Up next: Crazy, sad, tired Liza.