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Pretty in Pink

Pretty In PinkThe true couple in “Pretty In Pink” is clearly Andie and Blane – Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy. I just couldn’t bring myself to stitch them together, because even now, I think Blane is an incredible asswipe. I know I am supposed to feel this way. I know John Hughes manipulated the shit out of me, and I fell for it. But even in the end, I don’t want them to get together.

Besides, Duckie, Jon Cryer’s character, has so much more pizazz. He’s fun. He’s interesting. And, he has a great scene lip synching “Try a Little Tenderness” that still resonates with me today.

Speaking of asswipes, James Spader out-does himself in his role as Steff, one of Blane’s rich friends. He is such an amazing dickhead, it’s almost beautiful.

I laughed all the way through this project. Between Duckie’s wonky teeth and bolo tie, and Andie’s insane angry lips, I didn’t want it to end.