Three’s Company, Mrs. Roper, and a Facebook Giveaway


Sometimes I give things away on Facebook. Last week, I offered up a custom handkerchief, and the winner requested “Mrs. Roper. But classy.”

This was the result, and I have to say it is pretty hilarious. She is currently on her way to Georgia, where Justin plans to use her to “wipe his piehole”. Do I have the best Facebook fans or what?

Today’s lesson: Join me on Facebook to get some free stuff.

Facebook Give-away

space invaders giveawayHey, Nerds. I’m giving away this sweet Space Invaders beanie because it’s two degrees here today and I’m trying not to let this winter crush my soul. Head on over to Facebook to enter. This is hand-dyed yarn, people! Courtesy of Malon’s Shop.

The Shining hat series: Dick Hallorann

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Scatman Crothers, all comfy in his pajamas and watching some television, knows some shit is about to go down at the Overlook Hotel. Personally, if I had a vision of blood pouring out of an elevator and flooding a hotel lobby, I don’t think I would bust ass to get there and save the day. As we know, it didn’t work out very well for Scatman. On a side note, there is some premium art in his bedroom involving naked ladies with giant afros. I couldn’t figure out how to knit it into a hat, but I may revisit it in stitched form at some point.

By the way, if there are any knitters out there, I posted the pattern for the 2nd floor carpeting hat on craftster. It’s free. Go get it.

The Very Special Winner…

Capture…is The Very Special Blog! If you haven’t checked out The Very Special Blog, you should, because it’s funny. Her recent post on Jem, who is truly outrageous, is a top notch analysis of cartoon rivalry, literacy, feminism, and bullying. I also want to mention that “Jem” had a fantastic theme song.

Stay tuned for more giveaways. I’ll be doing this again because 1) I am awesome, and 2) I can’t sell pac man hats on Etsy unless I want to get sued by Atari. So, go like my facebook page to double your chances of catching my next give-away.

PS. Very Special Blogger – send me your address so I can mail you the fantastic prize (via facebook message, or email to Congratulations!

More Free Stuff

I recently did a Facebook give-away, so I thought I’d do a blog version as well. I just hit 150 followers this week, so why the hell not? Let’s celebrate. Give me a like or a comment or a reblog or something on this post so that I know you are out there. In a week I’ll draw a name and give away this nifty beanie. It’s pac man. It’s earth tones. You’ll love it.

pac man beanie

Yoda – Free Stuff!

YodaI’m giving away this little Yoda mug rug. Just head over to Facebook and share the post pinned at the top of my page, and you’ll be entered in a drawing. Your chances of winning will probably be pretty good since about four people actually pay attention to the nonsense I post over there. Good luck!