the shining

The Shining. Again.


It might sound strange, but I find The Shining to be an incredibly comforting movie. Maybe I just want to land such a cooshy gig as being the caretaker of a swank hotel in the mountains during off-season. I only know that when I feel wound up, it helps to crawl under a blanket and watch The Shining.

A couple years ago I knitted up a hat series based on this film. In retrospect, I could have made a few dozen hats inspired by the visuals in the Overlook Hotel. Since I tend to enjoy embroidery over knitting these days, I jumped back into it with my needle and an old doily. While many would argue that Jack Nicholson sneering “Here’s Johnny…” through the chopped up door is the most iconic image, I find Shelley Duvall to be much more interesting. In fact, I love this movie in spite of Jack rather than because of him.

I predict I’ll be stitching more scenes from The Shining, even if they don’t prove to be lucrative. A girl’s gotta get her laughs wherever she can, after all. I will try to include characters other than Wendy, although I can’t make any promises.



The Shining hat series finale – Danny

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REDRUM! REDRUM! As much as I love the carpeting in the Overlook Hotel, Danny’s Apollo sweater is my favorite image from “The Shining”. I tried a few different designs, settling for mini rockets, mostly because when I tried to incorporate a larger Apollo with more detail it just looked too phallic.

Doesn’t this hat instill a feeling of incredible patriotism? USA!

This concludes my series for “The Shining”. I hope you liked it.

The Shining hat series: Dick Hallorann

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Scatman Crothers, all comfy in his pajamas and watching some television, knows some shit is about to go down at the Overlook Hotel. Personally, if I had a vision of blood pouring out of an elevator and flooding a hotel lobby, I don’t think I would bust ass to get there and save the day. As we know, it didn’t work out very well for Scatman. On a side note, there is some premium art in his bedroom involving naked ladies with giant afros. I couldn’t figure out how to knit it into a hat, but I may revisit it in stitched form at some point.

By the way, if there are any knitters out there, I posted the pattern for the 2nd floor carpeting hat on craftster. It’s free. Go get it.

The Shining hat series: Wendy

wendyTypically, I don’t believe in pompoms. They are a waste of yarn, and a pain in the ass to make. However, Shelley Duvall deserves a pompom. According to Wikipedia, which is the goddamn gospel of the internet, Kubrick made Shelley Duvall and Jack Nicholson do 127 takes of the baseball bat scene (“Wendy, darling, light of my life. I’m not gonna hurt ya. I’m just gonna bash your brains in. I’m gonna bash ’em right the fuck in!”). For that, she deserves more than a few stiff drinks, but all I can offer is a pompom. And, being that all of her features are overstated from her horsie teeth to her bulging eyes, this hat needed to be over the top. A pompom was necessary. Thus, I present to you the Wendy hat. I hope you appreciate my hat model’s dedication to channeling the proper vibe for this photo.

The Shining hat series: Jack

jackAll work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I meant for this to be more of a watchman’s hat with a rolled brim, but I didn’t make it long enough. That’s ok, because isn’t my model great? I mean, look at his Jack face! He looks fucking insane!

The Shining hat series: Room 237’s bathroom

For the second installment of The Shining series, I bring you: the mint and mustard mod bathroom in Room 237. This is where the young hottie gets out of the tub, makes out with Jack, then turns into a decrepit zombie. In my opinion, Jack did not react dramatically enough. I mean, look at her. I cropped out her ass, but even so, her back flesh is gangrenous and his hand is right there groping it! Backing up and staggering out of the room just doesn’t seem like an appropriate response. He didn’t even curse or spit out the remnants of her rotting saliva. Gag.

237 bathroom