Silence of the Lambs

lambsMost people probably consider “Silence of the Lambs” to be a horror/thriller. I suppose it is. However, in my house, it is considered our vacation movie. Whenever we have a day off work or need to relax, this is our go-to film. It is dark, it is mostly quiet (minus Jodie Foster’s hyperventilating at the end), it is sad, it is funny, and it is weird. One overpowering reason I made this set was so that I could caption the photo with “It puts the lotion in the basket”. I mean, that is fucking funny.

I think it is wrong to clump all horror/thriller films into Halloween viewing. For example, “The Shining” is best watched in the depths of winter, and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is certainly a summertime movie. In fact, I doubt I’ll be watching any scary movies this weekend for Halloween, just as I don’t tend to watch holiday movies in December.

What do I watch on Thanksgiving, aka Genocide Day? I watch “Rhinestone”, the 1984 comedy with Dolly Parton and Sylvester Stallone in which Dolly (who basically plays herself) tries to teach Sly (who also plays himself, as a cab driver and a moron) how to be a country music singer. It’s horrible, and I love it. I’m already looking forward to this year’s viewing, as well as the pizza that will accompany it.

This makes me wonder if other people have movie-watching rituals. Do people actually watch “Born on the 4th of July” on the 4th of July? Probably not, because Tom Cruise is a lunatic. But how about “A Christmas Story” on Christmas Day? Or “Spring Breakers” during Spring Break? If that’s the case, I have no idea where “Rhinestone” fits into all of this.

Rocky Horror – Dr. Frank N. Furter

rockyhorrorIt’s almost Halloween, folks. How many of you went to the midnight show of “Rocky Horror” when you were an angry teenager? I remember it as complete chaos, including but not limited to: trashy costumes, objects flying through the air, pushing and aggressive dancing, smuggled flasks shoved into fishnets, drunken singing, and a lot of yelling at the screen. It’s a tradition I can only hope youngsters are still enjoying today, although I doubt it, as it is not something that can be experienced through a smartphone screen. That leaves me to wonder who exactly is attending the midnight shows these days? Are the theaters full of 30 and 40 somethings? Jesus, that’s depressing. Let’s do the time warp again!